Research Colleges & Tuitions

3-  Research -Colleges & Tuition

Once you have selected a career path to follow, choosing the right college at the best tuition rate is the next step. This step allows you to research colleges and tuition (in most provinces).


The three things you have to keep in mind when researching colleges are:



1.    Location

  • What’s it going to cost you to get to college each day for the duration of your program?
  • How long is the travel time both ways?
  • Is there public transportation available?

2.    The right training program

  • Does the college offer the right program training for your selected career?
  • Compare program lengths (remember you get what you pay for)
  • Compare program modules offered (not all schools offer the same modules in their training programs). Compare module lengths and practicums offered. Many colleges shorten these to lower cost.

3.    The ideal college

Picking the cheapest college isn’t always the best path to success.

  • Compare tuition rates from several colleges, factor in points 1 and 2 to get the real cost of your training.
  • Check out the selected colleges; ask to talk to instructors and students.
  • Some colleges even offer a desk for a day, where you attend as a student to get the feel of what to expect (take full advantage of this)

Most Colleges will not give you all this information over the phone, so we’ve made it easy for you by providing you the links to each accredited private college in your province. This allows you to easily search and compare what each college offers, including the length of the program, if there is a practicum included, if there is a location close to you, and in most cases the tuition rates charged by the college.

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