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My Career Advisor’s resume services division offers you much more than just a resume template. You’ll find out why your resume and a cover letter are two of the most important documents you will need to get your foot in the door for any career opportunity.

Here’s why your resume and cover letter are so important. Compare your resume to a passport. Without one you can’t travel internationally. The same concept applies to your resume. Without one you can’t apply for a job/career.

Think of your cover letter as a boarding pass at an airport. If you don’t have proper ID and documentation with you, you will not get on your plane. Your cover letter summarizes why you are the right person for the job, and your resume provides your credentials. If your cover letter and resume are successful, you’ll be put on the company’s short list of applicants (only 4-10 applications out of hundreds are typically shortlisted).

If you think about it, you should be able to see how critically important it is to make a dynamic first impression and stand out from the crowd. Your qualifications are very important; however, if your resume doesn’t make an impact with the employer then your qualifications will not matter.

Once you get your foot in the door, you have to prepare for an interview and follow-up interviews (shortlisting the shortlist process). We will provide you resources to help you prepare for the interview process.


This Section will provide you with the tools you need to make a dynamic first impression, get shortlisted, and eventually get the job you want. The tools included in this section include:

Cover Letters:

Detailed instructions on how to prepare a cover letter, including:

Specific types of content to include in each paragraph of your letter

Detailed instructions on how to properly format a cover letter

An illustration of proper block letter style, including spacing guidelines

Also, you will have access to numerous examples of well-written cover letters.


Detailed instructions on how to prepare an effective, up-to-date resume, including:

Specific content that should be included in each section of your resume

How to properly format a resume

Instructions regarding the use of colour and artistic license

Guidance on the proper stationery to select

Resume templates you can use if you elect to totally prepare your own resume

Links to resume services (both FREE and paid) that will automatically prepare a resume for you from information you provide them

Job Interview Assistance:

MY CAREER ADVISOR knows getting your foot in the door with your resume and cover letter, is the most critical part of actually getting a job.  However, if you go into a job interview without being properly prepared, you have little chance of landing that job!

 Tools to assist prepare you for the job interview includes:

Instructions on how to conduct yourself during a job interview

Advice on how to properly answer “tough” interview questions

Coaching on how to use body language to your advantage

Links to several videos that portray how to have a job interview that will get you a job!


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