Personalized Career Guidance

9- Personal Guidance

If you are overwhelmed with all the steps you have to take to find the ideal career, that fits both your financial and lifestyle needs, then take advantage of one of our career consultants. Our Personalized Career Guidance process consists of a professional career consultant leading you step-by-step through each stage of the process, no matter where in Canada you are located.

We use the latest technologies to your advantage by using Skype and the internet to provide you everything listed below:

Giving you a dedicated personal career consultant.

Assisting and guiding you to find the best career to fit YOU, by utilizing a professional career assessment.

Assisting you with research on a shortlist of careers utilizing videos and specialized data.

Providing financial options guidance.  Your personal consultant will advise you on what options are available, what you qualify for, as well as advising you how you can qualify for bursaries or scholarships offered by various colleges and governments.

Helping you find an ideal college to get you the right training at the right price.

Providing you guidance while getting training with tutorial videos.

Giving you resume/CV assistance.

Providing job search assistance.

All these services at a fixed affordable service charge.

This personalized service is made up of four separate Skype sessions (up to 60 minutes each). These are spread out from the beginning of your search, to the point where you ultimately find a job.

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