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7- Skills Upgrade

Do you need to upgrade your skills to perform better at work, or learn a new skill so you can get that promotion? Or, do your kids need extra help with their homework and you can’t assist them, as you are not familiar with the latest versions of the programs they are using?  Our Skills upgrade – Free Tutorials section gives you access to links to free tutorials for Microsoft Office programs as well as Photoshop tutorials

No matter what your reasons, you don’t always have to pay expensive tuition and book fees. Many of the courses you need are available to you for free as long as you know where to look for them.

MY CAREER ADVISOR has researched and sourced a continually growing library of online video tutorials and sites, which you can use at your own leisure to gain the knowledge and skills you need.

You can spend hours or days looking for the right tutorial on your own; however, for the price of one coffee or latte from that “Bucks” coffee place, you can have access to these invaluable training videos, which we feel are the cream of the crop from all the millions that are out there on the web.

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